Through the EPA homepage and working with GIS software, we were able to locate 233 hazardous waste sites within the Raritan's flood plain. 19 of these sites were located in Bound Brook and two neighboring communities alone.


Though there is no proof that these locations actually deposited harmful materials into the river, we took the time to discover what might have been unintentionally placed in the river as a result of the high flood waters. Out of the 19 hazardous waste handlers in our target area, we found only a few companies that listed the types of waste they produced. The results of our findings are as follows:


In Bound Brook:

Safety Kleen Corporation: Business Services, not elsewhere classified

Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Petroleum and Petroleum Products Wholesalers, except Bulk, Stations, and Terminals

Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts

In Bridgewater:

American Cyanamid Company: Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, not elsewhere classified

Pharmaceutical Preparations

Coated Fabrics, not rubberized

Industrial Organic Chemicals, not elsewhere classified

In Middlesex:

The Betham Corporation: Coated Fabrics, not rubberized


Regent Chemical and Research: Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, not elsewhere classified,

Alkalies and Chlorine


As was stated earlier, we do not have any proof that these companies lost any of their waste products due to flooding. Nevertheless, the Raritan River was polluted during the flood, causing drinking water to become unsafe for consumption and bathing.