Final Project

Problem # 4


here comes the rain


Created By:

Eric Yorker


Rachel Olsson

Rt. 18 after the Flood of '99


In this project, we were presented with the task of mapping the flood plain in the New Brunswick Highland Park area. We have determined this to be the following:


If we were to overlay this floodplain onto some older maps of the area, this would help us determine what busineses would be affected.


Here is another old map of New Brunswick and where the floodplain lies:

Here is a really old map for you to look at:



Here is an interesting little tidbit of information:

After a brief web based search, we located a company named Suydam Insurance Agency, which is located on the Corner of Route 27 and Skillman Lane, Somerset. Click on the map below to visit the site. We found this sight interesting due to the fact that it deals with flood insurance, and just maybe Charles Suydam's Mill was flooded out. In Fact, the Suydam Insurance Company was founded in 1873. The map above covers this year. Coincidence, I think not.