New Brunswick and vicinity offer several interesting places to visit and or take scenic and informative walks. Indeed, many locations are of national hitorical significance. This series of narratives, maps and illustrations hopefully will provide a framework for enjoying these activities.

We will begin with the location of the foundation of New Brunswick and radiate out to a maximum of about ten miles, first on the south bank and then on the north bank of the Raritan. Our format will be to first show a simple map, then provide a narrative and then significant views through a series of slides or other illustrations.

New Brunswick is a "fall line" city. The fall line refers to the location on a navigable river where the hard rocks of the interior are first located as one travels upstream. This creates a "break in bulk" situation, where goods being brought upstream can go no farther because of the shallowness of the waterway and must be transferred to smaller vessels for further transit upstream or to overland transportation. Conversely, the products of the area upstream could be concentrated at this point for shipment elsewhere.