Geat Raritan Flood, September 1999

John Hasse shot these photographs
of flooding in New Brunswick
following Hurricane Floyd.

Assessment of the Economic Impacts of Hurricane Floyd on New Jersey Communities. (A study conducted by a team of researchers at the Center for Urban Policy Research (including Geographers Robin Leichenko and Elvin Wyly) in conjuction with researchers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Economic Development Administration)

Check out this Animated Flyover of the flood in New Brunswick. This movie was created by Mark Ontkush using Bryce 4 - the data comes from the USGS DEM and DRG files. Not exactly accurate yet! In Quicktime, 1.8 Meg

Student Projects

Below are links to web pages produced by members of the 420 class in Mark Ontkush's Introduction to Geographic Information Systems class (Fall 1999). Each group analyzed a different research question related to the flood.

Demographic Analysis of Floyd's Impact in Bound Brook - Melanie Chu, Aleek Datta, Melissa Hagerman

Repeat Flood Insurance Claim Analysis for the State of New Jersey - John Ferrari, Christine Giordano

Hazardous Waste Discharge into the Raritan River to due Floyd - Brendon Weiner, Thomas Hamilton

Flood Modelling in New Brunswick - Lena Raberg

More Flood Modelling in New Brunswick - Paul Montesano, Nicole Lentini

Demographic Analysis of Owners/Renters in Bound Brook - Greg Biniukow

Historical Flooding of the Raritan - Eric Yorker, Rachel Olsson


Audio Files

Here are some interviews of New Brunswick residents concerning how the flood affected them. Conducted by Paul Montesano and Nicole Lentini of the 420 class.

 In WAV Format (Big!)
 In MP3 format
 Interview 1
Interview 1
 Interview 2
Interview 2
Interview 3
Interview 3

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